Gathering ideas for product

2 min readJul 13, 2021


I was impresed by example of Andrey Azimov, his story and decided to start doing small businesses / indie startups.

Indie Hackers is good platform to get answers for questions what you have on first steps. Don’t know why, but registration is not working there right now (13 of July, 2021).

My first step will be gathering of problems and solutions, gathering of cool technolgies I want to use, looking for possible markets and monetization models. Will read this article several times and create list of each.

Problems I know and feel needed to be solved

  • just normal way to find couple / somebody for a date
  • making friends with interesting persons
  • finding not toxic teammates for online games
  • anime and manga lovers translate it and share on the web, but it’s illigal and they don’t earn money
  • don’t know where to buy cool and cheap clothes
  • web page with all remote jobs

Ideas/Solutions I like or crazy ideas that make me laugh

  • reviews for person from his/her ex-girlfriend/boyfriends xD
  • local dating app for smart and interesting persons that help to find new friends
  • financial calculators and may be calculations for your life
  • something like
  • online thrift stores
  • manga reading website with legal way of publishing

Technologies I like

  • neural networks: GPT-3, computer vision (can use for generating text, improoving photos, find something on photo, auto-crop, auto-filter for photo)
  • data visualization like
  • video content and auto-post-production for video enhancing

Indie projects I like




indie hacker — person building an online project that can generate revenue / person seeking financial independence and creative freedom