Found idea to start

Yesterday I was in park and spent time with friend. It was very hot day. We worked in coworking place and sunbathing. Yes, there is coworking in park and it’s amazing :-)

I don’t remember exact moment, but I catched idea to transform each of my skills into products. I’m ex product manager of several startups and I have been working in big tech companies. I think it’s good way to start and earn money.

So, what skills do I have and can transform into small indie product:

  • market research, gathering data about competitors (sheet with projects and data about it)
  • finding problems of potential customers and description of it (sheet with list of problems)
  • traction map for product (analysis of the current stage of product development, highlighting target audiences, value propositions for them and the product’s readiness to solve these problems)
  • list of potential clients (list of audiences, segments, specific companies, distribution channels)
  • business model canvas (filling on canvas of Alexander Osterwalder) and lean canvas / product canvas
  • customer development, customer interviews in order to obtain information about the problems that product can solve
  • a list of new features and options for dividing into versions (backlog for several weeks and prioritization)
  • detalization of the product versions: description of features, description of use cases, prioritization if required
  • wireframing, interface prototypes
  • discussion with developers, decompasition into tasks, estimation of deadlines, planning by weeks and versions
  • configuring google analytics, analysis of metrics, drawing up a general funnel and recommendations for improvement

All of this I see as separated product pages with buy button. Time to start with first one.



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indie hacker — person building an online project that can generate revenue / person seeking financial independence and creative freedom